The Toyota Corolla repeats as the best selling model in the world in 2018

As we mentioned before, during the past year 2018 have been commercialized in the 95.6 million world of cars. This figure represents 0.2 percent more than in 2017, a figure that tells us that in 2019 the global automobile sector could suffer a big recession . However, globally, we must take stock of which models are the favorites of the public.

So, if the Volkswagen Group is the constructor that dominates with iron fist the sector, the Toyota Corolla is who does it at the level of models. Of this curious form, the German constructor gives the relief to the Group Toyota, because it is who steps on his feet in this race in the background. However, the market is filled with thousands of alternatives, although not all have the same weight and success.

The Volkswagen Golf leaves the podium and incorporates the Toyota RAV-4

How could it be otherwise, the Toyota Corolla repeated in the first place with 1.181. 445 units sold . The fall in 2018, compared to 2017, has been 1.7 percent, although it has not been a major problem, as its next rival is 100 thousand units from it. This model is neither more nor less than the Ford F-Series , which has increased its deliveries in 2018 by 0.4 percent adding up to 4,722 additional units.

The surprise of the ranking has been given by the Volkswagen Golf . The German compact in 2017 was hung the bronze, but in 2018 has fallen to the sixth place with 789,516 units, that is, 10.3 percent less. The model that has occupied the third box of the podium is also Toyota ​​strong>. That's right, the RAV-4 has managed to go from the fifth position he had last year to the third. In this way, it increases its global sales by 3.6 percent to stand at 837.624 units .

Another significant drop is the one experienced by the Chevrolet Silverado strong>. The pick up of the golden bow tie has gone from eighth to tenth place, with a 1.4 percent drop in sales. On the other side we have the Toyota Camry , which in 2017 was in the eleventh position, and in 2018 has slipped to occupy the ninth place.